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Intuitive Eating
Nutrition Counseling

In this comprehensive program you will learn to rely on your body instead of arbitrary diet rules to know when, what, and how much to eat. Together we will explore your obstacles and strategize to overcome them!

How Do I Know if This is for Me?

  • You want to improve your relationship with food
  • Food can be stressful and/or confusing
  • It’s difficult to read your body’s hunger/fullness signals or you don’t notice them at all
  • You’ve dieted in the past and found it unbalanced or not sustainable
  • You want to avoid dichotomous thinking with food
  • You want to know how to fuel your body in a way that feels good
  • You want more freedom surrounding food!


I will be your #1 cheerleader as you navigate an improved relationship with food & body


Everyone is different which is why you will get a plan designed exactly for YOU


Your plan will include goals and details for how to reach them

Intuitive Eating Program Structure

*Disclaimer: This program can be changed and adapted to the individual client as needed

What's Included?

  • Bi-monthly virtual nutrition counseling sessions (frequency can be customized) 
  • Lifetime access to self-study worksheets
  • Access to secure online platform for scheduling, virtual meetings, chat, sending and receiving forms and documents 
  • 24/7 Access to secure chat for questions
  • Optional: Can use Intuitive Eating Workbook to guide sessions and for extra study material

Payment Options

Private Pay

175 Initial Session
155 Follow up Sessions

Insurance Accepted

Regence BCBS
Pacific Source (OHP & Commercial Plans)
*Out of network

*Out of Network – Superbills can be provided for reimbursement. Call your insurance to see if out of network nutrition counseling is covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no! Intuitive eating allows for flexibility in our eating according to our body’s cues and desires. We will also take into consideration how we feel during and after eating a food, if it’s being eaten for emotional or physical reasons, and eventually the nutrients in a food. Many fear they will want to eat x,y,z food all day everyday, but when we look at these other factors of intuitive eating, that is not usually what our body feels good doing over the course of time.

Yes! We accept Regence BCBS, Providence, and Pacific Source

Absolutely! We can take a food freedom approach with a variety of nutrition related medical conditions including diabetes, prediabetes, high cholesterol, food allergies or intolerances, etc… The state you live in may determine our ability to work together if you have a nutrition related medical condition. 

It depends where you are in your recovery journey! Though intuitive eating principles can be introduced later in recovery, they are not always the most helpful in earlier stages. You may need more structure and help getting your hunger cues back first. We can still work together in this case, so reach out and we will make an individual plan for you.

Intuitive eating is a weight neutral approach, meaning the goal is not to intentionally gain or lose weight.  Some may gain weight, some may stay the same, and others may lose weight during this process. We will instead focus on your relationship with food, and modifying behaviors to increase health (if that is your goal).

Initial Consult

In this first appointment we will discuss your medical background, get an in-depth assessment on your relationship with food & body, make some short term goals to work on until we meet again, and make a game plan to achieve your overarching goals!

Discovery Call

Not sure yet? Still have questions? No Problem

In this free 20 minute session we can make sure we're a good fit before scheduling the initial consult. We'll briefly go over your background, goals, and can make a game plan moving forward.

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