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Caesar Pasta Salad

by Dana Bean, RD
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Quick, extremely easy, and just a couple ingredients for this Caesar Pasta Salad. It makes a great work lunch or 15 minute dinner!

Caesar Pasta Salad

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: dinner, lunch, Main Course
Keyword: salad


  • 1/2 lb pasta rotini
  • 1 Caesar salad kit
  • 1.5 cups rotisserie chicken, chopped remove bones and skin
  • extra Caesar dressing as desired optional


  • Boil pasta in medium pan according to directions on package. Drain
  • While pasta is cooking, chop rotisserie chicken and add to medium bowl. Add salad kit to bowl with toppings and mix.
  • Let pasta cool, then add to bowl. Add more Caesar dressing if desired and enjoy!

Most of my clients know my love for salad kits haha. What’s not to love? They’re incredibly easy and are good at reducing food decision fatigue. It’s a great starting point for a meal since we have some veggies and usually a flavor that goes along with it (Caesar in this case). We do need to add to it to make it a meal though.

Enter rotisserie chicken and pasta! Rotisserie chicken is also on my list of super quick mix and match meal components. It’s already cooked and already has flavor.

Caesar pasta salad portrait

You can do this a few ways. I recommend bringing the salad kit, the chopped chicken, and the pre-cooked pasta with you to work then mixing while you’re there. You can also add the lettuce, pasta, and chicken to a container then add the dressing when it’s time to eat. Either way you have a delicious, balanced meal.

Seriously, this is one of the quickest dinners ever. If you can make the pasta ahead of time, it really just takes 5 minutes to put together. Even if you’re making the pasta on the spot, it doesn’t take too long for it to cool off enough for it to go in the salad (it doesn’t have to reach fridge temps). Hello weeknight dinner!

Caesar pasta salad landscape

I’m glad you asked! I know it can get overwhelming to be excited about a recipe, then have to scroll through a seemingly never-ending life story before finally finding the recipe. I started to notice it becoming a difficulty for some of my nutrition counseling clients. So that’s why I’ve created No Guilt Nutrition Recipes – a place where finding the actual recipe isn’t so difficult or cumbersome. Usually the recipe is hidden in a blog post or you have to pay a subscription to see the recipe quickly, but here you’ll find it first on the page!

No Guilt Nutrition recipes are definitely not the only thing you can eat if you are eating intuitively (really, you can eat anything that you want/feels good to your body!), but I noticed there are way too many diet culture entrenched recipes out there. These recipes give you delicious food without potentially triggering numbers or diet talk. They also provide a gentle nutrition approach by encouraging balance in your meals without having strict requirements for what that may look like.

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