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19 Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

by Dana Bean, RD

Recovering from an eating disorder or healing your relationship with food can be a difficult and wonderful journey. We’re giving you 19 eating disorder recovery quotes about motivation for recovery, nourishment and self worth!

As a dietitian that helps clients with eating disorders and others working to create a positive relationship with food, these are eating disorder recovery quotes that I like to remind my clients of and hope they remember through recovery! You may not resonate with every quote and that’s ok. Take what feels motivating!

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder help and resources are available.

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  • Each step towards recovery is progress 
  • Celebrate every win, even if it seems small 
  • Think of your self as a child. Recover for them!
  • When you look back at your life at the end of it, what do you want it to look like? Recover for that life!
  • A bad day does not mean failure
  • Recovery is hard. Having a life dictated by an eating disorder is harder
  • Healing takes time and it’s 100% worth it
  • Every meal and snack is an opportunity to show self love through nourishment 
  • Bodies are made to need food 
  • Eating is not something that is earned 
  • Food is not the enemy, it’s (one of) the antidote(s) for the eating disorder
  • The food you choose is not a measure of your worth or character
Blog quote: Every meal and snack is an opportunity to show self love through nourishment.
  • You deserve to be healthy and happy 
  • Your worth is not determined by any number (number on the scale, number of minutes of movement, etc…)
  • The goodness you see in others exists in you too 
  • You are not defined by your past 
  • Your body has nothing to do with your value as a human 
  • Speak to yourself as you would speak to a cherished friend, pet, or family member 
  • Your value is undeniable

Don’t go through your eating disorder alone. Help is available and necessary!

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