Work with Your Body to Feed It

Forget arbitrary diet rules and say hello to feeling empowered by being more in tune with your body

Food doesn't have to be stressful, restrictive, or boring!

We thrive when we eat enough, eat satisfying meals, and eat with timing that makes sense. If thinking about food feels exhausting, all-consuming, overwhelming, or something you want to avoid altogether, it's ok. You are in the right place and I can help!


I will be your #1 cheerleader as you navigate an improved relationship with food & body


Everyone is different which is why you will get a plan designed exactly for YOU


Your plan will include goals and details for how to reach them

I'm Glad You're Here

My name is Dana and I am a registered dietitian & certified intuitive eating counselor. I have my dream job of helping people improve their relationship with food and freeing up brain space to work on their own callings in life!

Initial Consult

In this first appointment we will discuss your medical background, get an in-depth assessment on your relationship with food & body, make some short term goals to work on until we meet again, and make a game plan to achieve your overarching goals!

Discovery Call

Not sure yet? Still have questions? No Problem

In this free 20 minute session we can make sure we're a good fit before scheduling the initial consult. We'll briefly go over your background, goals, and can make a game plan moving forward.

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